Ruramai Musekiwa presents The Sibahle Poster Series to celebrate phenomenal African women

The month of August is here, which in South Africa means a confusing array of spectacle meant to commemorate the day 9th August 1956 when 20,000 South African women marched and petitioned then prime minister calling on his government not to extend the issuing of passes to African women. “The Women’s Day march was a political event, a breathtaking example of political solidarity across race, class and creed,” says BD Live […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: JoziGoddess

There's never a dull moment on South African twitter. And when the reality of SA daily living comes tumbling out on timelines across the nation, sometimes to amuse, other times to anger, often to confound, it pays to have a voice of reason to refer to. Managing director of non-profit Youth Lab, columnist and blogger Zamandlovu Ndlovu is committed to the important work of dialogue. Not merely pandering to popular thought […]