Watch Ugandan Singer Jaqee's New Video 'Drop of Water'+Download it For a Limited Time Only!

Formerly based in Sweden, Ugandan pop-reggae singer Jaqee has relocated to Germany where non prescription cialis mid 2013, she is set to release her fourth album which was recorded in Jamaica and written in South Africa. Drop of Water is produced by gold record producer 


A Blog We Love: Black Acrylic

Black Acrylic is a delightfully personal Pan-Africanist mix of commentary on art, style, socio-politics, music and other things. A post (from which the above image comes) on reclaiming the cult of beauty had me with this: “Eager for anything that diverts from the script we gluttonously praise tokenism (e.g Tika Sumpter on Gossip Girl) and fetishism Guide Dugi – Guides Pour World Of Warcraft (e.g Vogue Italia Black Issue). Deep […]


If you watch one thing...

The film Lord’s Children is about three formerly kidnapped Ugandan children efforts to reenter society and deal with their trauma after being held captive (some as sex slaves or soldiers) by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The film, which recently aired on PBS, takes place at the Pajule Rehabilitation center in Northern Uganda. It is estimated that the LRA kidnapped close to 65,000 children, some as young as five, over […]