Baaba Maal "International"

Baaba Maal’s latest effort Television is a cross cultural, genre-bending enterprise. This version of Maal’s “International” is pretty much, straight-up Percussion 101 African rhythms. It’s fun stuff either way. Check it out below. Discover Simple, Private Sharing at


African Icon Baaba Maal Talks Television And Technology

With over 20 albums, Baaba Maal has made an undeniable impact in music. On his latest project, Television, this Senegalese musician has come together with a variety of world musicians to draw attention to pressing social issues. From environmental protection to women’s rights, Television emphasizes the power of progress through technology. AfriPOP!: Your newest album, Television, is a multilingual and multicultural album. Was that decision more about the music itself, […]


Television: New Baaba Maal

Senegalese singer Baaba Maal is back with a new sound on his latest album Television The African singer collaborated with NYC-based electro band Brazilian Girls for his 8-song release which is available right now. You can download the first single Television here (right click “save as”) You can also flex your production skills in Baaba Maal’s remix competition. Maal will be choosing the winning remix of his song International to be featured […]


Moses Jones

Graphic, gritty, gruesome… gorgeous. At a time when the BBC could be forgiven for playing it safe and trying not to offend sensibilities, Moses Jones boldly bops down the middle of Monday nights’ prime-time slot on BBC 2. Shaun Parkes and Matt Smith (the new Dr Who) allegedly star as two police detectives in Joe Penhall’s unraveling plot of Ugandans living in the United Kingdom as they cope with the […]