EVENTS: Sonic Diaspora Party Spins D.C. Into Sync

Washington D.C. is one of those international cities that does not suffer from lack of diversity. From viagra for sale Embassy Row and non-profits bigwigs to international media bureaus and top-notch universities, it’s not missing in culture. Especially African culture. But sometimes the city surprises newcomers. Certainly that’s been the case whenever newbies try to hunt down an African music scene that gives you the best of the four corners […]


The Listening

AfriPOP! shares tunes with two of music’s most revered crate diggers – Bobbito Garcia and Rich Medina Arriving in South Africa in 2000 was a trip for Bobbito Garcia. (He even tells the folks at friends we love so). Hosting his legendary WCKR Hip-hop radio show with Stretch Armstrong he had some idea about its global reach. But touring with fellow New Yorkers, DJ/producer Mr. Len (Company Flow) and Jean Grae […]