Korto Momolu Goes Future Chic at New York Fashion Week with New 'Monaco' Collection (Gallery)

Womenswear designer Korto Momolu presented a 14-piece collection at the New York City art deco fashion hotel, Bryant Park Hotel. Expanding on the designer’s vision of femininity, elegance and futurism, this Autumn/Winter 2012 season draws inspiration from starlets, fashion icons, and jetsetters whose wardrobe would include glamorous evening gowns, stylish jumpsuits, warm yet sophisticated sweaters, and day dresses in opulent silks. Korto’s pieces will allow any woman, of all sizes, […]


Spotted: Rihanna Wears African Print L.A.M.B Jacket

Even though we have our reservations about Gwen Stefani’s latest African-inspired collection for L.A.M.B we;ll admit a good thing when we see it. Songstress Rihanna rocked an African print jacket during a recent appearance on “Good Morning America.” We love.


African Prints at New York Fashion Week

While African designers may complain of getting little exposure on the international stage, it looks like American designers are certainly paying attention to the happenings on African runways. This year’s most surprising collection came from rocker Gwen Stafani’s label, L.A.M.B., which was a colorful collection of African-print motifs splashed on everything from mini-dresses to tailored suits.


Do We Need an Africa Fashion Collective?

Fact: African fashion is here to stay, as is evidenced by the increasing number of fashion weeks taking place in African nations. South Africa already has Capetown Fashion week and South African fashion week, while countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria (Lagos Fashion week) and Tanzania (Swahili fashion week) have recently conducted their own fashion weeks. Firms created specifically to handle African fashion have been set up such as Adiat Disu’s Adiree Fashion Agency and Africa Fashion United Agency created by stylist Gugu Lethu. So now I ask, with all these great initiatives, do we still need the Arise Collective?


Get to Know: Kenyan-American Clothing Label, SUNO

American designer Max Osteweis started SUNO following the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007 in an effort to bring a positive light to the country. Now two years later he’s teamed up with designer Erin Beatty, The two recently debuted their Fall 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week, and we gotta admit, we’d love to be rocking these garms’ come autumn.


Video: Korto Momolu Fall 2010 Fashion Show

Since she blew our minds with her televised Byrant Park debut in 2008, “Project Runway’s” Korto Momolu has left us aching for the bright and beautiful West-African inspired designs we fell in love with. Though it’s still winter in New York, Korto brought a little sunshine to the lives of the socialites and Bravo-lebrities who crowded the Union Square Ballroom for the unveiling of her new line. By incorporating knit, jersey, and […]


ARISE 'African Collective- Part III' at New York Fashion Week

This year’s ARISE ‘Africa Fashion Collective – Part III’ was the hottest ticket in town during New York Fashion Week. Black Coffee (South Africa) sent models down the runway in their signature concept dress (which cane be worn in different ways) covered in oversized coats in with voluminous silhouettes. Tanzania’s Loin Cloth & Ashes by designer Anisa Mpungwe sent metallic dresses paired with electric-blue jewelry. And Nigeria’s Deola Sagoe dazzled […]


Events: Nollywood NYC

Nollywood NYC hosts film screenings and the cast of Fela! stops by New York’s Boucarou By Gina Jean Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the NollywoodNYC Benefit at Boucarou Lounge in New York’s Lower East Side. “Nollywood” aka Nigerian Hollywood movies have been sweeping the country and entertaining moviegoers for quite a while now. What began as a cobbling of low budget film productions has exploded into a […]