Get To Know Kenyan Social Techpreneur Judith Owigar

All eyes were on Kenya as the POTUS swept into town last week. As expected every little detail surrounding his visit went under the microscope. I’ll be honest, I tried to keep a safe distance from the frenzy but in the end I was reeled in by the fact that it wasn’t just another high level political meet and greet.   Proud to be the first American President to visit Kenya. […]



Now Watching: Kenyan Short Film 'Monsoons Over The Moon'

The Monsoons are a street gang who, having escaped an oppressive system, are on a mission to help liberate ghetto youth. Their story is set in what the producers describe as a “post-apocalyptic Nairobi, when the government has shut down the internet, books and the written word have become exponentially valuable and the world has been turned on its head.” Director Abstract Omega bases this film upon his own experience of […]


Just a Band, Jahcoozi, Teichmann, Michel Ongaro (BLNRB) : 'Away' (Video)

Just a Band’s shiny new video is another exercise in visual excellence. Watch it here.


Jamhuri Wear video interview: Homecoming part 2

For the second part of this insert, Kimathi surveys the possibility of Jamhuri Wear as an iconic global lifestyle brand with Kenya as the literal and symbolic heart. He compares the scene he left to the diverse and bustling one he returns to. Present on both is Fundi Frank, a veteran Kenyan street fashion designer, and a major influence for Kimathi, who drops in to show some love. When Karl Kani […]


Jamhuri Wear video interview: Homecoming part 1

From a simple tusker t-shirt, Jeffrey Kimathi has grown Jamhuri Wear into Africa’s premier global street wear label. The Kenyan entrepreneur and designer meets AfriPOP! in the backyard of his South B suburb home in Nairobi, where he has returned for the first time since he left ten years ago. He describes the formative years, sketching the outline of the Kenyan urban landscape back then and narrating his own personal […]


Woah MAMA!: MTV Africa Music Awards uncut

The worst thing about made-for-TV shows is usually the duration. Counting some 11 acts billed to perform at the the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) –  that’s excluding Wyclef and Akon – and factoring in the inevitable downtime for set changes and fluffs, I prayed my attention span would co-operate. Pop the hood for a full account of the night that was MAMAs 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.


MTV Africa Music Awards 2009 taps Akon

Akon is the latest US superstar to sign up for the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) with Zain. The Senegalese-American multi-platinum artist and producer is set to headline at the 2009 MAMA Awards in Nairobi, Kenya on 10 October, performing alongside Fugees’ alumnus Wyclef Jean and a host of Africa’s most celebrated contemporary artists including Wahu, M.I., Samini and Lira. Says Akon, ‘Africa is my heart. I feel especially blessed […]


Salsa dancing in Nairobi

Word is the Kenyan massive can’t get enough of salsa dancing. Nightclubs in the capital city occasionally host salsa nights, thanks to the popularity of the Spanish Caribbean dance… Send me a video my people. This I’d love to see