The 'My Africa Is...' Docu-Series Highlights Youth Culture in Dakar, Senegal

The last time we spoke with the team behind the My Africa Is series, they had traveled to Lagos, Nigeria where they highlighted some amazing recycling initiatives. Nosarieme Garrick and Kathleen Bomani created the series with idea of wanting to show a different side of the African continent. “We won’t be showing the minority of the African elite popping champagne in the clubs,” Nosa told us. “We will be showing […]



Watch "My Africa Is" Episode on Recycling in Lagos, Nigeria

The Lagos Chronicles of the “My Africa Is” docu-series documents a rising community of recyclers in the former capital of Nigeria. Co-directors Kate Bomz and Nosa Garrick spotlight WeCyclers founder Bilikiss Abioloa and her mission to create a recycling culture in Lagos. Read more about My Africa Is.


Get to Know: "My Africa Is" Docu-Series Creators, Nosa Garrick & Kate Bomz

Budding filmmaker Nosarieme Garrick is on a mission to change the world's perceptions about Africa. She, along with Kathleen Bomani, are  the forces behind My Africa Is, an upcoming independent documentary series which aims to show a different side of the African continent. The show is focused on profiling young people who are overcoming adversity and creating change within their communities however they can. We spoke with Nosa about her […]