Ten Hollywood castings in African hero roles

Why can’t continental Africans be the stars of their own stories? Is there some ancient film industry edict which states that famous black Africans can only be played by African-Americans or black Europeans? But ever thoughtful, in preparation for the next scramble for black Hollywood stars to play African icons AfriPOP! has come up with a list to give casting directors a head start:


X Plastaz MC Gsan cyphers on BET

The BET Hip-hop Awards celebrates mainstream Hip-hop’s biggest names at their annual ceremony broadcast in the US on Tuesday 27 October and in the UK on October 31. But there’s also a treat for the backpackers by way of The Cypher – pre-recorded segments played during the awards show featuring revered veteran lyricists going toe-to-toe over DJ?producer Premier cuts. Lined up are Mos Def, Eminem, Black Thought, KRS One, new comers […]