Going Home: A Conversation with Filmmaker Mohamed Dione

I first met Actor Mohamed Dione at the Brooklyn premiere of Andrew Dosumnu ‘s first feature length film Restless City in 2011. We bonded over a similar upbringing as third culture diplomatic Afropolitan kids, a mutual love of Congolese Rhumba music and most importantly, a desire to visit our home countries and share our passions. After Restless City came the release of his short film Maffe Tigga (Peanut Butter Stew), […]


'Maffé Tiga' Director and Actor Mohamed Dione Discusses His First African Movie Academy Award Nomination

(photo: Mohamed Dione and Marie Zoumanigui in ‘Maffe Tiga’) The African Movie Academy Awards take place tonight in Lagos. First time-nominee Mohamed Dione, a LA-NY based director and actor, with his first film Maffe Tiga is short-listed in the best short film category. Dione is a working actor with roles in the likes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Notorious as well as a feature in Andrew Dosunmu’s film Restless City […]