Cancelled! Lake of Stars 2012

One of Africa’s favourite music festivals is taking a break. Over the years music lovers from across the world have made their way to the topaz waters of Lake Malawi to watch acts like The Noisettes, The Maccabees and Malawi’s own hip-hop heavyweight Tay Grin. Not so in 2012. In a statement, organisers let us down gently, saying: After eight years of the festival, we have decide to take stock […]


Is celebrity activism what Africa needs?

The image of a white (most likely, American) celebrity with a African baby will go down as our generation’s Live Aid; yet another way the West is helping that most plagued of continents (to the eyes of the uninformed, at least). Adding to this is Madonna’s adoption of two children from Malawi, where she recently broke ground for an all-girls school. On the same day she cut the ribbon she […]