Exploring the Uses of Anger

Someone once said that if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. I feel I’ve been paying a lot of attention lately. We’ve all been watching many kinds of anger unfold. There’s been so much conflict. I’ve been plenty angry, and because I’m so angry I’ve seen some backlash. It was suggested to me that I “just want to bitch” “for no reason” “all the time”. I want to ask […]


Video: Lauryn Hill performs live in Rwanda

She’s never on schedule, but she’s always on time. The ever fashionable Lauryn Hill took to the stage at FESPAD Festival in Kigali, Rwanda. The crowd sang along to L-Boogie as she ripped the stage doing Fugees hits ‘Ready or Not’ while rocking some African-inspired harem pants.


Woah MAMA!: MTV Africa Music Awards uncut

The worst thing about made-for-TV shows is usually the duration. Counting some 11 acts billed to perform at the the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) –  that’s excluding Wyclef and Akon – and factoring in the inevitable downtime for set changes and fluffs, I prayed my attention span would co-operate. Pop the hood for a full account of the night that was MAMAs 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya.


Nneka: Heart and Afro-soul

We Africans love a good name, but it’s not enough for it to sound pretty. A name must mean something, declare something – be it the circumstances of the child’s birth (and as the last child of four whose name means ‘we are finished’ I know what I am talking about) or their parents’ hopes for the child’s future. That Nigerian soul singer Nneka Egbuna bears a name meaning ‘mother […]