AfriPOP! Exclusive: Os Kuduristos Hits the US (Dates)+Meet Angolan Afro-House Artist Francis Boy (Video)

Following the strong response to this fall’s European dance battles and events, Os Kuduristas will bring Kuduro’s energy to club sets in the States in collaboration with global bass icons like Chief Boima, DJ KS*360, and DC’s Sol Power All Star DJs. This is the first American tour for Os Kuduristas ( It starts today and features some of the best Kuduro dancers from cialis buy online Angola, showcasing the highly energetic dance and […]



AfriPOP! Exclusive: DJ Silyvi Talks the Rise of Angolan House Music (Video)

One of Angola’s top house music DJs/producers, Silyvi talks about his approach to making music, being co-signed by the legendary Louis Vega and the bad-assness of kuduristas! Three mon buy viagra online at cheap price ths ago he put out this song – a collaboration with African Roots, a house music outfit from cialis online without no prescription Soshanguve in South Africa. South African house music has long been an […]


Get To Know: Buraka Som Sistema

Kuduro Crew Reps A Movement By Nosa Garrick A word that has been permeating the internet for some time now is Kuduro. Google it and a number of videos appear featuring kids gyrating and moving their limbs to a lively breakbeat. Another video that pops up is Buraka Som Sistema’s “Sound of Kuduro” featuring indie culture-clash titan MIA. With MIA urgently calling out the hook and dancers working their moves, […]


NYC Event: Buraka Som Sistema @ Le Poisson Rouge 11/04

Kuduro Crew Hits Up LPR By Nosarieme Garrick On Wednesday, November 4th Buraka Som Sistema will be tearing through these New York City streets. The Portuguese/Angolan trio will be all the way live from NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge, bringing us booty-shaking break beats and kuduro. So if you’re in NYC and you’ve been feeling like dusting off your dancing shoes, we can’t think of a better time to do it. […]