AfriPOP! it or Drop it? Jennifer Hudson's 'Bleed For Love' From The 'Winnie Mandela' Soundtrack

I’ll never forget that Grammy Awards intro LL Cool J made basically proposing Jennifer Hudson as the next Whitney Houston whom, you will recall, had just died. Boy was that creepy. And bullshit. Ever since it was announced that J-Hud would be playing the leading role in the Winnie Mandela film there has been much debate about her suitability to channel the iconic South African freedom fighter. (In this q&a […]


Jennifer Hudson's 'Winnie' Poster Revealed

Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard share a romantic moment on a newly released poster for ‘Winnie’.


AfriPOP! Briefs: Les Nubians New Album out in September

There is so much to talk about on all things African, from serious to the not-so-serious Here’s what AfriPOP! is keeping it’s eyes on this week:Les Nubians, have been gone for five years. Now sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart are releasing their fourth studio album to much fanfare (ahem: us) titled “Nu Revolution.”


Jennifer Hudson To Play Winnie Mandela

According to Variety, Oscar and Grammy-winning star Jennifer Hudson has signed on to play the complex South African political figure Winnie Mandela.