Ory Okolloh: Mother, Blogger, World-changer

I love twitter. You can do all the lurking you want to legitimately. Which sounds like a waste of time – and it can be – as tens, hundreds or thousands of tweets vie for your attention by the second but that’s also down to who you follow. We check for Kenyan social activist and Harvard-schooled lawyer Ory Okolloh. She lives in South Africa and blogs over at Kenyan Pundit, […]


Fresh to Def: MC Shad

MC Shad, lyricist from Rwanda via Canada, Master’s student and AfriPOP star is our new Hip-hop hope For almost the entire final quarter of 2008 I wondered what had gotten into me. I’d spent the majority of that year ignoring rap music. My favourite Hip-hop album was the most non-rap one out there. It was also the most hated. And I understood why: Auto tune is wrong, Kanye is no singer, […]