Film preview: Heart of Fire (Feuerherz

Heart of Fire, the widely contested biography of Eritrean/Ethiopian singer and author based in Germany, Senait G Mehari, inspires Heart of Fire (Feuerherz), a film about 10-year-old Awet, girl child-soldier for the Eritrean Liberation Front during the Eritrean civil war. From what we’re told Letekidan Micael kills it in the starring role. Cath Clarke gives a round-up in the Guardian’s First Sight. Shows at London’s ICA on September 25- October 8, […]


Nneka: Heart and Afro-soul

We Africans love a good name, but it’s not enough for it to sound pretty. A name must mean something, declare something – be it the circumstances of the child’s birth (and as the last child of four whose name means ‘we are finished’ I know what I am talking about) or their parents’ hopes for the child’s future. That Nigerian soul singer Nneka Egbuna bears a name meaning ‘mother […]