2010 World Cup Diary: Day Two and Three, Earplugs

After watching Bafana Bafana’s close shave against Mexico on TV, my brother, David, and I went off to see France vs Uruguay at the new Cape Town Stadium. In short: imposing, massive structure.  We had really good seats. 8 rows back from the field on the halfway line. (We bought tickets made available after cancellations.) The Highlights: Seeing thousands of people–not just South Africans–walking central Cape Town streets at midnight, […]


2010 World Cup Diary: Day One

First impressions: The dreaded vuvuzelas droning everywhere. And the myths about it being “tradition” continue.   And people defend it even when it is clear it is not good for their health.  I could not help notice the flags on cars. No surprises that the South African flag dominates. From the suburbs to the townships. England (largely because of the popularity of the English Premier League) and Portugal (a large Portuguese […]


New Blk Jks single: Zol

We got the new Blk Jks single Zol. It’s obvious with the soccer reference, which is understandable as it’s meant to tie in with Blk Jks’ soon-come EP of the same name, to be released two days before their gig at the FIFA World Cup 2010 opening concert in South Africa on June 10. Click below and tell us if you like.


Wanlov Kubulor & Fifi Selah's Ghana Black Stars tribute track: Winning Team

Nigeria’s coach Shaibu Amodu had some explaining to do after  Ghana Black Stars’ Asamoah Gyan’s goal – the only one the entire match – cost the Super Eagles a place in the finals of the Africa Cup of Nations. We’ve been spoiled rotten with the few weeks of the finest in African football. No idea how it will all turn out when Ghana and two time defending champions Egypt face […]


FIFA World Cup Draw

Tomorrow night will mark the beginning of the high-octane battle for the 32 qualifying teams towards that golden 2010 World Cup. This Friday, December 3rd, South Africa will host the World Cup Draw, where the teams will be placed in eight groups of four, discovering the difficulty or ease of their road to the World Cup. Hosted by FIFA’s secretary general Jérôme Valcke and South African sweetheart Charlize Theron, the […]


K'Naan's Waving Flag remade for FIFA world cup coke ads

I always pictured synchronized stadium dancing when I first heard this song. And apparently, so did the people at Coca-Cola apparently one of the official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. An abbreviated version of Waving Flag plays over all the coke-sponsored radio and telly adverts to do with the big event. K’Naan’s Kigali rep tells me this was filmed in Mexico at the Plaza de Toros. Right […]