Fela's Women

The New York Times did a great write-up on the women in Fela! The Musical [Fela] was both sexist and savior, pushing the women to educate themselves and using them as political agitprop at times. In the biography the wives talked about their love for Fela and their wish to have his children, and also about their shared battle against corruption and repression anywhere in the world. Read it here.


Fela! Opens On Broadway

Fela! officially opened on Broadway Monday night and by most accounts it was spectacular (check out the NY Times’ review of the show’s move to Broadway since its debut last year). Stars like Ben Stiller, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, Jeffrey Wright, Danai Gurira and more came out to fete opening night. Playbill.com has some great flicks. Society HAE also put up a dope review that also features behind-the-scenes footage. Check it […]


Events: Nollywood NYC

Nollywood NYC hosts film screenings and the cast of Fela! stops by New York’s Boucarou By Gina Jean Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the NollywoodNYC Benefit at Boucarou Lounge in New York’s Lower East Side. “Nollywood” aka Nigerian Hollywood movies have been sweeping the country and entertaining moviegoers for quite a while now. What began as a cobbling of low budget film productions has exploded into a […]