Vivienne Westwood Does Kenya

Pictures of Vivienne Westwood on a fashion shoot in the heart of Nairobi slum Kibera emerged on Facebook last week. So of course we had to dig deeper to find out what the queen of punk was up to? Get the full story and some pictures from Dame Westwood’s trip under the hood.


6 Influential Africans in Fashion

A fresh crop of African fashion designers, editors and are pushing the boundaries of African style. Whether it’s in the pages of Vogue or W Magazine, or designing for a French design house, here are a few Africans who are pushing the culture forward and determining what’s hot and what’s next…(click on the pic to see more)


British Ghanaian Soul Singer Rhian Benson In The Guardian on Economics and Music

From stockbroker to soul singer. In these uncertain times, what would motivate anyone to make such a move. Read Rhian Benson’s Guardian interview for answers and also catch a peek at her new video for the single ‘Be’.


Asinamali: The Brand New Video from Tumi and The Volume

Finally a video. ‘Asinamali’, referencing a near-forgotten tradition of protest art ponders the attitudes to and politics of fame, money and all that comes with it. Zubz features on the hook too.


Wanlov the Kubolor: For The River (Bathe In The River) Video

Leading up to the Environmental Film Festival of Accra from June 7-19 2011, Wanlov’s video created for New Zealand Music Magazine TV program ‘Making Tracks’, and inspired by Kiwi pop singer Hollie Smith’s ‘Bathe In The River’, is a word in time.


This is What the "New" South Africa Looks Like?

South Africa recently celebrated Freedom Day on April 27th, and 17 years after that fateful day when democratic elections were first held in 1994, we spotted a poster for a Cape Town-based MTV reality show called “Clifton Shores” featuring an all-White cast…


Video: Noisettes cover Miriam Makeba's 'Kilimanjaro'

Another awe-inspiring piece of work from the Noisettes. Lead singer Shingai covers Miriam Makeba’s classic ‘Kilimanjaro’, which segues into their hit single ‘Never Forget You’.

We Love it. And you can find it as a free download on the Shape What’s to come website.


Les Nubians feat John Banzai: Veuillez Veiller Sur Vos Reves (video)

From their recent album Nu Revolution, here’s the new video from the gorgeous sister act that is Les Nubians. J Period remixed this song which means don’t let your dreams fall asleep.


Afrikan Boy: Weak Bladder (video)

A new jawn from our favourite eba-eater. This is the first time we’ve ever heard Afrikan Boy on a traditional Hip-hop beat. The jokey afro-grime ting suits him much better if you ask me, but A for effort


African supergroup One8 & R Kelly: Hands Across the Globe video

We’ve kept mum about the super group One8 ( Fally Ipupa, 2Face, Navio, 4X4, Ali Kiba, Amani, JK, and Movhaizelaine) that’s come into existance recently powered by Sony and Rockstar4000.
Saving our comments for another more involved post coming shortly. Their first single Hands Across The Globe written and produced by R Kelly hit the net last week, and hot on its heels here is the video.


MTV Africa Music Awards heads up

For some reason, this time they’re bringing the MAMAs back to Nigeria where the first one took place. It’s all happening on Saturday 11 December in Lagos, where we fully expect the Naija natives to dominate the proceedings in direct proportion to their current choke hold on the African pop spectrum in recent years.


Do We Need an Africa Fashion Collective?

Fact: African fashion is here to stay, as is evidenced by the increasing number of fashion weeks taking place in African nations. South Africa already has Capetown Fashion week and South African fashion week, while countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria (Lagos Fashion week) and Tanzania (Swahili fashion week) have recently conducted their own fashion weeks. Firms created specifically to handle African fashion have been set up such as Adiat Disu’s Adiree Fashion Agency and Africa Fashion United Agency created by stylist Gugu Lethu. So now I ask, with all these great initiatives, do we still need the Arise Collective?


AfriPOP! Briefs: Idris Elba Covers Ebony Magazine

There is so much to talk about on all things Africa, from serious (terrorism in Uganda) to the not-so-serious (naked pics of Wande Coal? Eek!). Here’s what we’re keeping out eyes on:

ritish actor Idris Elba (who is really Sierra Leonan and Ghanaian) covers the August issue of Ebony Magazine. Yum is a verb, right?

ictures of a very nekkid (naked, for the proper folks) of Nigerian artist Wande Coal made him a trending on Twitter last week. His record company, Mo Hits, denies it was him.


African Fabric Gets the Celeb Treatment

An “Afrocentric wind is rising” as declared by the New York Times. “To armchair travelers in the fashion world, many of whom are tapping the heritage of Kenya, Mali, Nigeria or Senegal in search of inspiration, Africa is playing the role that India had until recently, its themes embraced in the hope of making cash registers hum.”


AfriPOP! X Parlour Magazine Co-Sign on Naki Muli

We won’t lie, the ladies over at Parlour Magazine are some stylish bishes. So when they co-sign on some fresh gear, we’re all about spreading the love. Check out their latest pick: Dookie bracelets by Brooklyn-based designer Naki Muli. Find out the stats on these and why the Parlouristas are digging them.