Nneka: Behind The Scenes for 'Soul Is Heavy' (Video)

Nneka breaks down what’s gone into making her big American debut album in a 3-part video series. We are amped!


Why Chinua Achebe Won't Sell Out For 50 Cent, 'Not Even For A Billion Dollars'

Money can’t buy you everything. Not even abundant 50 Cent money. He wouldn’t let Hollywood have the title of his most acclaimed book for a million dollars. Why do you think that is? Luso weighs in on the possibilities.


Why Beyonce's Pregnancy Makes African Mothers Proud

Did Beyonce do things “the right way”? First marriage, then baby. Here’s why African mum’s are loving her right now.


Goapele: Play (Video)

Can you say, “sexay?” Watch Goapele’s new video for ‘Play.’


Michael Kiwanuka: I'm Getting Ready (Video)

He’s getting ready. We’re patiently waiting!


Place to Be: Collage Fashion Deli, Cape Town

Clothes good enough to eat? That’s the idea behind South African fashion designer Thulare Monareng’s new retail space based along Cape Town’s lively Long Street.


10 Songs We Love About African Women

These are not just love songs. These are songs that say something about women, all of them by people of African descent. Pop the hood to check out the list and let us know what songs you would add to it.


The Very Best and Moroka: Ndekha remix by Wookie (Listen) + Get Exclusive T-shirts

Support Invisible Children, a social, political and global movement using the transformative power of story to change lives. They have teamed up with The Very Best to conceptualise limited tees. Cop them and free remixed downloads from TVB’s Super Mom mixtape.


Get to Know: Issa Rae of 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl'

Can you imagine a Sengalese-American Liz Lemmon running 30 Rock? Indie filmmaker Issa-Rae has tapped into the dialogue of millions of black women, creating, writing, directing, producing and starring in the huge viral success that is The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.


AfriPOP! Chats: Asa on Her Imperfections and Album

AfriPOP! chats with Paris-based Nigerian vocalist Asa who has, in ‘Beautiful Imperfection’, one of the most enjoyable pop records out there. If you’re in South Africa next month you can catch her at the Arts Alive Festival. Pop the hood for the interview and more details.


Nneka: Soul is Heavy (video)

The opener for Nneka’s forthcoming album is as politically gully as ever. We love it. Watch the new video under the cut.


5 Videos We Love by African Artists...

Here are 5 videos by African artists from the diaspora that we can’t stop watching. Click on pic for more…


Ntjam Rosie: Morning Glow (Video)

This video makes London look pretty. Lol! Ntjam Rosie is a Jazz singer we’ve been up on for a little while based in the Netherlands. Check out her brand new video for her second single off her album Elle, and see her at the North Sea Jazz Festival in September


7 African Internet Sensations

Forget TV, forget radio. The internet is creating viral stars everyday. And some of them are African. We rounded up 7 cyber phenomena from the last year or so. Pop the hood to see who they are, and then tell us who or what else we should know of.


Vuvuzela Spotlight: Osekre & The Lucky Bastards

Be sure to catch Osekre and the Lucky Bastards at the Viva La Vuvuzela Festival in New York City, this Saturday, July 9th.