Get to Know: Singer/Songwriter Kelela

Sounds like: Possibly how Aaliyah might have sounded in 2015. The low-down: Born to Ethiopian parents, and based in Los Angeles, it’s so tempting to draw comparison with another purveyor of new internet-age R&B, one Abel Tesfaye aka Weeknd. The two are worlds apart though. Sarah Vaughan as well as Amel Larrieux count as influences on the 30-year-old Kelela Mizanekristos. You will also remember her from last year’s EFX by Teengirl Fantasy. […]


Get To Know: Tommy T

Gogol Bordello’s Ethiopian Bassist Steps Up Front By Uzy Igweatu With established success as bass player for gypsy punk group, Gogol Bordello, Tommy T has struck out on his own with his first solo album, The Prester John Sessions. Born and raised in Addis Abada, Ethiopia, Tommy T has pulled from the many musical influences of his birthplace to bring us an impressive debut album and a closer look into […]


Tommy T's "The Prester John Sessions" Out Now + Tour Dates

Rollicking gypsy funk collective Gogol Bordello has riled crowds with its freewheeling energy and crackpot on-stage antics. Now Ethiopian bassist Tommy T Gobena has struck out on his own for his rich, funk-laden solo debut, The Prester John Sessions. Inspired by the ancient legend of Prester John, an Ethopian king whose wealthy domain sparked centuries-long searches for his kingdom, The Prester John Sessions is a heady brew of steamy jazz, […]


DC Event: Wayna with Tabi Bonney Show + "Billyclub" (Remix) feat. Wale MP3

Ethiopian Grammy-nominated, DC-based songstress Wayna will rock the chocolate city with a show at Zanzibar on Friday, November 20th featuring fellow East African and DC star, Tabi Bonney. Check out the details after the jump.