She Got Game: Producer-Rapper S▲MMUS Levels The Playing Field By Making Video Game-Inspired Beats

A few hours after Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo’s second full-length album PRIME was released earlier this month, it became the number one bestselling rap album on Bandcamp. “I think what I gravitated to the most in video games was the music,” says the New York-based producer-rapper known as S▲MMUS, speaking to Afripopmag shortly after it dropped. “So when I think about my favourite games, it wasn’t necessarily the game-play that I was thinking […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Laura Seay

Laura Seay, better known as @Texasinafrica, has a twitter TL that any African politics and policy junkie would appreciate. An assistant professor of political science at Morehouse College in Atlanta, she has been blogging about the  DRC, state building,  humanitarian policy and security policy since 2005 on her blog Texas in Africa. She now occasionally writes for The Atlantic, Christian Science Monitor and Al Jazeera among others. Her wit with […]


Ory Okolloh: Mother, Blogger, World-changer

I love twitter. You can do all the lurking you want to legitimately. Which sounds like a waste of time – and it can be – as tens, hundreds or thousands of tweets vie for your attention by the second but that’s also down to who you follow. We check for Kenyan social activist and Harvard-schooled lawyer Ory Okolloh. She lives in South Africa and blogs over at Kenyan Pundit, […]