Does Trevor Noah Care About African-Americans? (+ Video)

Trevor Noah, the young South African comedian who has built his stock in trade on telling uncomfortable jokes about race, was great on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week. If I want to tell someone I admire them, but then slap them afterwards, like he did, this would be my time to do it. He made us laugh, and he made us proud. He almost didn’t embarrass us. […]


Film review: Skin

Sandra Laing (Sophie Okonedo) is a dark-skinned girl growing up in apartheid South Africa in the ‘60s. Like that’s not tough enough, she’s also the natural daughter of white Afrikaner parents, Abraham (Sam Neill) and Sannie (Alice Krige) and, therefore, a genetic throwback to a black racial heritage. This is the true story of Skin, and every bit as excruciating as it sounds.