Africa Tech: "Decoded" Brings African Lyrics to the Masses

Woe is thou if you are still out there struggling to find lyrics of your favorite African songs. Or even further, trying to ask someone in the song’s video Youtube comments to translate what a specific line means. We’ve all been there. Decoded, an African music lyric platform, is here to do all the hard work for you. Founded by Julius Sea and one of our AfriPOP! Socialites Chika Uwazie […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Chika Uwazie

Through her blog Naija Careerist, our socialite this week Chika Uwazie has been able to lead the discussion on the development of human capital on the continent. She has used social media to her advantage in promoting the discussion (and it has even landed her a job!). She has put that deep knowledge into use in connecting with her 2,000+ twitter followers. We’d hire her!