AfriPOP! Briefs: K'naan Headlines U.S. Tour

Here’s what AfriPOP! is keeping it’s eyes on this week: K’Naan recently announced his 2010 U.S. tour, the Channel O music video nominations are out, and we’re vibing off a new afro-beat mixtape by D.C.’s own DJ Underdog.


Caster Semenya "humiliated" by test results

Gender tests of the Gold medal-winning South African runner Caster Semenya revealed that the 18 year-old athlete has both male and female organs. Apparently the revelation, and very likely the rampant media coverage, has left the teen “angry” and “humiliated” according to a Bloomberg news report.


Caster Semenya Covers You Magazine

South African track star Caster Semenya has been going through it lately. Dogged by questions of her gender, the runner recently underwent tests that to determine whether she is biologically female. The 18 year-old athlete and Pretoria University student has been racking up gold medals and records around the world. So in a timely PR move, Semenya appears on the cover of the South African magazine You. First, how do […]