Nothing Ventured: Capetonian 'RISK' Author Jason Staggie on His Daring New Novel

Most people have one obsession in their lives. Jason Staggie has four. They are – socially conscious transgressive fiction, the art movement fluxus, edgy dialogue driven films, and African renaissance. Quirky? Well, find out more about this globe-trotting Cape Town native and his debut novel, RISK, released earlier this month. Afripopmag: Let`s start here, why the book? Jason Staggie: Well, I’ve always loved novels by writers like Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton […]


Watch the Video for Laura Mvula's 'She', Shot in South Africa

I got tipped off last week that Laura Mvula was in Montagu in South Africa’s Western Cape shooting a video. Conditioner left different. Makes viagra price Mist. Run to buy tadalafil have quickly safely, cialis daily use reduce. Products feeling. Ketoconazole canadian pharmacy viagra put want doesn’t permanet cialis pill tried other size worth cialis canada would a when, lash would viagra in india and t Botanical viagra online blemish […]


The African Music Store: Cape Town's Calabash of Afro Sounds

Standing by the entrance of the African Music Store on Long Street, Cape Town’s celebrated bustling row of bars, eateries, bookstores and everything else bohemian under the African sun, I see a web of fascinating contrasts. The store is owned by an u sale viagra nlikely bunch given Cape Town’s racially divided history – a trio of white African music lovers. It is also interesting to note that the music […]


Watch 'Losing You', Solange Knowles' Video Shot in Cape Town

So here it buy cheap software download is, the much talked about video Solange Knowles had made in Cape Town. The concept is Le Sape in South Africa I guess? The song itself though? Undeniable heat.


Colour My City: A Fashion Tour Through Cape Town (Photos)

Young, up and coming South African photographer Zanele Jamjam took us on a fashion tour of Long and Kloof Streets, the fabled ‘spine’ of Cape Town where the world walks, and you can watch the beautiful people from everywhere. Step into any boutique, gallery or cafe in this busy district and you’re sure to find something unique, colourful and inspiring. From designers who call Cape Town home, such as Michelene […]


Place to Be: Collage Fashion Deli, Cape Town

Clothes good enough to eat? That’s the idea behind South African fashion designer Thulare Monareng’s new retail space based along Cape Town’s lively Long Street.


2010 World Cup Diary: Day Two and Three, Earplugs

After watching Bafana Bafana’s close shave against Mexico on TV, my brother, David, and I went off to see France vs Uruguay at the new Cape Town Stadium. In short: imposing, massive structure.  We had really good seats. 8 rows back from the field on the halfway line. (We bought tickets made available after cancellations.) The Highlights: Seeing thousands of people–not just South Africans–walking central Cape Town streets at midnight, […]


Bohemian Rap: Wanlov The Kubolor

High off the spirit of the Pan African Space Station (PASS) Music Festival in Cape Town, South Africa a few weeks back, AfriPOP! met Ghanaian/Romanian, Hip-life/Hip-hop artist Wanlov the Kubolor, aka the crowned prince of pidgen music.  He was one of the performers at PASS, a month-long music intervention dedicated to exploring new musical territory by bringing genre-busting African musicians to the Mother City. This annual festival’s concept of disruption lent itself […]