Get To Know: Buraka Som Sistema

Kuduro Crew Reps A Movement By Nosa Garrick A word that has been permeating the internet for some time now is Kuduro. Google it and a number of videos appear featuring kids gyrating and moving their limbs to a lively breakbeat. Another video that pops up is Buraka Som Sistema’s “Sound of Kuduro” featuring indie culture-clash titan MIA. With MIA urgently calling out the hook and dancers working their moves, […]


Buraka Som Sistema Rock Le Poisson Rouge

Aqui Para Voces: The Black Diamond Crew Shines at NYC’s LPR By Nosarieme Garrick In the dark enclave of Le Poisson Rouge, the white outline of a diamond flashes across dual projection screens, illuminating hundreds of damp hands reaching excitedly into darkness; a deep rumble crescendos into a screeching wail and the beat drops.  What ensues comes quite close to the definition of mayhem.  With the crowd roaring, and drumming […]


NYC Event: Buraka Som Sistema @ Le Poisson Rouge 11/04

Kuduro Crew Hits Up LPR By Nosarieme Garrick On Wednesday, November 4th Buraka Som Sistema will be tearing through these New York City streets. The Portuguese/Angolan trio will be all the way live from NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge, bringing us booty-shaking break beats and kuduro. So if you’re in NYC and you’ve been feeling like dusting off your dancing shoes, we can’t think of a better time to do it. […]