Bongani Madondo on Editing Brenda Fassie Biography (Video)

The ever-vigilant staff over at Africa is a Country released a video where writer and editor Bongani Madondo explains the philosophy and the inspirations of the book he edited about pop icon Brenda Fassie. About a month ago Bongani Madondo released one of the most significant works in African literature – I’m Not Your Weekend Special: Portraits on the Life+Style & Politics of Brenda Fassie. The book approaches the story […]


Brenda Fassie Comes to Life at the Hansa Legends Concert. Win Tickets!

Brenda Fassie makes a posthumous appearance in Johannesburg this week. Sort of. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, (an idea probably inspired by the headline-grabbing show at Coachella last year which resurrected Tupac), South Africa’s queen of pop, who died in May 2004 from a drug overdose, will come to life embodied by an actress singing two of her most popular hits in a ten-minute video. Our guess is […]


We Love You Mama: 7 Songs for African Mothers

One thing's for sure, no matter which corner of the world you're in this weekend, you're celebrating the most amazing woman you know, your mother. Here's how African artists celebrate their mothers: Brenda Fassie: “Mama” South African singer Brenda Fassie (RIP) offers a sweet tribute to mothers Prince Nico: “Sweet Mother” One of the most celebrated (and remade) songs out of Nigeria, “Sweet Mother” celebrates the strength and courage of […]


30 South African Women Game Changers

AfriPOP! commemorates South African Women’s Day (August 9th) by highlighting 30 women who have changed the game in their respective sectors — from a new generation to the old, in politics, culture, music and business.


Encounters South African Documentary Film Festival Preview

Who doesn’t like a good story, especially when it’s on the big screen? The Encounters international film festival is South Africa’s largest documentary film festival. On this month in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the festival is now in its thirteenth year. What keeps us coming back are the amazing real-life stories of the brave people who let filmmakers focus a camera lens on their lives and tell the world their stories, warts and all.


World Cup Jams: The best bits so far

Lets face it. Most of the songs born on the back of this whole world cup thing have ranged between silly to cringey. It’s not been all bad though. We’ve enjoyed some prize television moments, these being our favourite three for different reasons: Blk Jks with Alicia Keys. We haven’t come across a proper tribute to South Africa’s most unapologetic pop star until this. You could hear the entire stadium […]


Ten Hollywood castings in African hero roles

Why can’t continental Africans be the stars of their own stories? Is there some ancient film industry edict which states that famous black Africans can only be played by African-Americans or black Europeans? But ever thoughtful, in preparation for the next scramble for black Hollywood stars to play African icons AfriPOP! has come up with a list to give casting directors a head start: