Besouro Competing For 2010 Academy Award

Brazilian flick Besouro has been chosen to represent the country as a 2010 Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Film. Brazil has a new super hero and he goes by the name of Besouro. Based on the folk hero of the same name who fought against the establishment of slavery and slave owners, this Besouro comes with superpowers of Candomble (Yoruba Mysticism) and Capoeira. Director João Daniel Tikhomiroff pays homage to […]


Center For Black Music Review @ Nat Geo

Last month, the world’s first interactive, multimedia museum dedicated to music of African origin, the Center for Black Music launched in Salvador, Brazil during the nation’s Black Consciousness Awareness Month. Nat Geo’s Evangeline Kim wrote a detailed account of the launch the center’s future plans under the supervision of Brazilian music great Carlinhos Brown: The Center is to be housed over 1000 square meters in the museum’s complex of building […]


Future sound of Brasil: Hossomaki

In the last decade Brazil has established itself as one of the most exciting destinations and exporters for electronic music thanks to DJs like Gui Boratto, DJ Marky, Anderson Noise & Renato Cohen. All of them feature on Future Sounds of Brasil, BBE’s latest compilation, a wicked cross-pollination of electronica from across the world,  inspired by the definitive sound of the South American music and culture capital. For your exclusive listening pleasure we have […]