Film Africa Series: Kenyan Director Kamau Wa Ndung'u on 'Dreams of Elibidi'

Kamau Wa Ndung’u talks to us about film and a theatre as a means to combat the social ills of H.I.V in Kenya. His film ‘Dreams of Elibidi’ shows at the Film Africa Festival next month.


Preview: Alicia Keys Meets African Youth on MTV Base (Video)

Young panelists from Africa get to know multi-platinum singer Alicia Keys in a one-to-one arranged by MTV Base Africa


African Fabric Gets the Celeb Treatment

An “Afrocentric wind is rising” as declared by the New York Times. “To armchair travelers in the fashion world, many of whom are tapping the heritage of Kenya, Mali, Nigeria or Senegal in search of inspiration, Africa is playing the role that India had until recently, its themes embraced in the hope of making cash registers hum.”


World Cup Jams: The best bits so far

Lets face it. Most of the songs born on the back of this whole world cup thing have ranged between silly to cringey. It’s not been all bad though. We’ve enjoyed some prize television moments, these being our favourite three for different reasons: Blk Jks with Alicia Keys. We haven’t come across a proper tribute to South Africa’s most unapologetic pop star until this. You could hear the entire stadium […]


2010 World Cup Diary: Day One

First impressions: The dreaded vuvuzelas droning everywhere. And the myths about it being “tradition” continue.   And people defend it even when it is clear it is not good for their health.  I could not help notice the flags on cars. No surprises that the South African flag dominates. From the suburbs to the townships. England (largely because of the popularity of the English Premier League) and Portugal (a large Portuguese […]