Get to Know: Congolese-American Rapper Well$

Sounds like: A man as much at home with Pac Div as he is with Tupac. The low-down: Well$’ tumultuous teen life brought on his concerned mother’s decision to ship him off to New Orleans to stay with his older cousin, one Alec Lomami in the hope that he could steer him back on to the straight and narrow. Lomami successfully averted Well$’ focus to music as a means of […]


Watch Alec Lomami's 'CLV' Featuring Badi Banx and S▲MMUS

This video just dropped on Dummy Mag and it’s about time. I could so mess with S▲MMUS, Badi Banx and Alec Lomami as a super group! Three of our favourite Congolese MCs going hard on Lomami’s nonchalantly-titled number inspired by Mike Jones’ Back Then. The arcade video game-based video is the first official one shot for his debut EP Melancholie Joyeuse in his recently adopted Cape Town home. It actually doesn’t matter […]


Alec Lomami on Moving Back to Africa & Working on New EP + Download 'Melancolie Joyeuse'

Kinshasa had changed since rapper Alec Lomami left in 1998. “I expected it to be the way it was when I left,” he says about his first trip back home in June 2012. “I passed by the house I grew up in and someone had to say, ‘This is your neighborhood’.” Most of Alec’s 14 years away were spent in America, specifically in New Orleans and North Carolina. Although he […]


AfriPOP! Exclusive: Alec Lomami Previews New Single 'Pardon My French'

Alec Lomami is the best African producer you’ve never heard of. With good reason. The story of the African music producer is rarely heard.  The general public knows little of the behind-the-scenes hitmakers you love today.  There are rare exceptions, of course, like the now defunct and infamous artist-producer collaboration of D’Banj and Don Jazzy (the story of their very public divorce currently eclipsing their musical legacy). In that sense, […]


Watch the Video to Alec Lomami's Chllngr-Produced Remix for 'Kinshasa'

Photo credit: Shak Oteka What a week of amazing music videos! Crowning off the trend is one of our favourite AfriPOP! stars Alec Lomami. He teamed up with Lo-fi legend Chllngr (we have on good authority he is in the studio again with long time collaborator Spoek Mathambo) to make this sweet remix for the song with which he was introduced to us. H/T MTV Iggy


Homeward Bound: Alec Lomami on the Congolese Music Renaissance and His Personal Style

(photo credits: Shako Oteka) It was summer ’09 in humid New Orleans and Alec Lomami just wanted to give a recently recorded song a test drive. Literally. As part of his quality control check for new tracks, he would drive around with the song blasting from his speakers. Minutes into the drive, he was pulled over. “The policeman said I hadn’t paid a ticket, which I argued I had,” he explained. […]


Alec Lomami - 'Pop Revolution' (Listen)

When an MC flows nice over stomping electro boom bap *and* looks this well put together, we appreciate it. We do. Peep ‘Pop Revolution’, the brand new song from Congolese rapper Alec Lomami. We believe!