Fela Kuti uncovered

Everyone knows here at Afripopmag we are proper Fela stans. So for us, this blog run by Punch records (the good folk who also bring us the annual Bass music festival) is required reading. It’s got a ton of inside-info from Nigerian artist Lemi Ghariokwu, ‘inventor of Lagos Afro pop art’, friend to Fela Kuti and credited with amongst other things, designing 26 of his album covers over 19 years. From […]


The Listening

AfriPOP! shares tunes with two of music’s most revered crate diggers – Bobbito Garcia and Rich Medina Arriving in South Africa in 2000 was a trip for Bobbito Garcia. (He even tells the folks at friends we love so). Hosting his legendary WCKR Hip-hop radio show with Stretch Armstrong he had some idea about its global reach. But touring with fellow New Yorkers, DJ/producer Mr. Len (Company Flow) and Jean Grae […]