Why SXSW Matters to Africa (and Vice-Versa)

(Editor’s Note: this piece focuses strictly on SXSW music though many of the topics discussed can be applied to other parts of the festival. Photo taken from Society HAE‘s Africa or Bust! Content. Monetization. Opportunity panel. So AfriPOP! is covering SXSW! yippee-da-dooo If you are like a majority of our readers, then you are not in Austin for the weeks-long festival, and you are wondering why you should care. It […]


London calling

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a great graphic featuring some beautiful folk so I almost fell out when I stumbled upon this great feature in last week’s Time Out London, highlighting the best African food, music, fashion and art the city has to offer. If only Time Out New York were so inventive. Then again, that’s where Afripop steps in. Watch this space… _yolanda s.


African Girls no play...o!

“If you call woman African woman no go ‘gree. She go say I be Lady o.” Fela Kuti, “Lady” Whether strumming the melodies of love or protesting the corruption of elected leaders, a new crop of young African singers has stolen our hearts and minds and is redefining what it means to be young on the continent. With their traditional sound meets pop edge, these songbirds are making waves and […]


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