AfriPOP! Briefs: K'naan Headlines U.S. Tour

Here’s what AfriPOP! is keeping it’s eyes on this week: K’Naan recently announced his 2010 U.S. tour, the Channel O music video nominations are out, and we’re vibing off a new afro-beat mixtape by D.C.’s own DJ Underdog.



As promised, the finished version of Adesiji’s music video to Yearning For Home. [youtube=] Siji facebooked us the rationale behind the clip which, filmed in Brooklyn, New York makes his directorial debut: “The concept of the video was to shed light on my constant longing for my ancestral homeland Nigeria where I grew up. It was thus crucial for me to convey the sense of nostalgia we immigrants come to feel […]


Get to know...Adesiji

We’re digging Adesiji’s Yearning for Home and can’t wait to check out the music video for it, which he says he’s working on. For now, we’ll live with the snippet here and the behind-the-scenes vid [youtube=].