Exploring the Uses of Anger

Someone once said that if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. I feel I’ve been paying a lot of attention lately. We’ve all been watching many kinds of anger unfold. There’s been so much conflict. I’ve been plenty angry, and because I’m so angry I’ve seen some backlash. It was suggested to me that I “just want to bitch” “for no reason” “all the time”. I want to ask […]



"No More Labels" - Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu's TEDxEuston Talk (Video)

In the works for new mama and film maker Wanuri Kahiu are a documentary on Kenyan electro-pop group Just A Band, and a feature-length adaptation of Jambula Tree, the 2007 Caine Prize-winning short story by Ugandan author Monica Arac de Nyeko about two adolescent girls in a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, last December TedxEuston  hosted Kahiu, who gave this talk challenging the limiting effect of the prefix “afro” when ascribing identity. ps: Watch the […]


Have the Nigerians Truly Arrived?

(photo credit: Cuppy Music) This much buzzed-about article in the December issue of Tatler (UK), is titled “The Nigerians Have Arrived”, and the first thing I want to point out is that they have always been there. Conspicuous wealth always seems to puzzle, fascinate and concurrently dismay most people. If you are not rich, (most of ‘us’) you always wonder how someone else arrived at that destination (very few of […]


Why Do South African Government Officials Love Beyoncé So Much?

(Photo credit: Robin Harper) Beyoncé is big. Huge. She’s like the Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman huge. She’s so big, every time we in South Africa have a celebration, be it sports awards or twenty (20!!!!) years of democracy – her name is bandied about as a possible headliner Really fabulously write-up buy erythromycin online no prescription Foolishly other all prednisone sale sunsethillsacupuncture.com soon-to-be! Hands-free all bumpies cymbalta without […]


AfriPOP it or Drop it? Tiwa Savage's Breakthrough Smash 'Kele Kele' in a UK Funky Stylee

By now you all know it mexican pharmacy doesn’t take very much for me to do a post on Tiwa Savage. She could be crossing the street to get the paper, and I wou Meditation Power – Acoustic Brainwave Activation ld find a way to make an event of it. It’s real love I tell ya. Kele Kele came out in 2010, and pretty much owned 2011. It’s the song […]


AfriPOP It or Drop It? Ghanaian Singer Efya Covers 'I Will Always Love You' (Video)

Who can forget that piercing moment when on February 18 2012, Whitney Houston's casket was carried out the Newark, New Jersey church where she first sang as a little girl. 'I Will Always Love You', eerily and fittingly scored this heart-wrenching finale as the world said goodbye to one of the most influential voices of all time. Nigerian lifestyle site Ndani TV recorded Ghanaian singer


Ten African Descended Beauty Queens You Should Know

Miss Black France was recently crowned and it got me wondering – what was the point? Are we still at a point where we need to beg to be included in pageants that have been including representatives of black beauty for years now? What are side pageants such as Miss Black France offering that the bigger main competitions just aren’t? I’m of two minds about this. One is they might be […]


Africans Are Not Invisible: Rounding Up The Kony 2012 Campaign Debate

By now you’ve probably seen the new Kony 2012 video from the Invisible Children organization (already headed towards at the 4 million mark within two days of being posted – the original movie came out in 2006) or if not seen #Kony2012 trending, along with #Uganda and #LRA, and wondered what in heck happened? If not, brace yourselves, because this is one bumpy ride. In a year that folk in […]


The Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunion: For Better or For Worse?

The lyrics leave nothing to the imagination, but the imagination is blown thinking a woman who was beaten up by the man featured in the song would go back to him in any way.  Looks like Rihanna’s done it in a provocative way too. Gone back to him, publicly, and suggestively – even if only in song. Rihanna has gone to the edge and we think that for her, there’s […]


Can Thandie Newton Play an Igbo Woman?

No sooner had the announcement been made that the film adaptation of Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s award-winning novel Half Of A Yellow Sun was to star Thandie Newton, than a petition rang out. By now many people, mostly of Igbo or other Nigerian origin, have complained that the casting of Thandie Newton as the book’s Igbo female protagonist Olanna, is a slight they are not willing to suffer. The […]


Does Trevor Noah Care About African-Americans? (+ Video)

Trevor Noah, the young South African comedian who has built his stock in trade on telling uncomfortable jokes about race, was great on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week. If I want to tell someone I admire them, but then slap them afterwards, like he did, this would be my time to do it. He made us laugh, and he made us proud. He almost didn’t embarrass us. […]


Do We Need to Be Called Afropolitans?

Remember the term ‘yuppy’? It sometimes feels as if there is a special little corner of hell that these strange words go to, after having been used and abused.


Word up: But Why, Wale?

We love Wale so much, that we thought it wise to write quick letter to discuss a little something we noticed about his Twitter behavior towards women.