AfriPOP! Socialite: Meet MrBasabose

As the publisher of the much needed and ever informed Le Congolais CD, Nicolas-Patience Basabose, better known as MrBasabose, continues to be a voice for the voiceless in Congo in bringing real time reporting from the ground.   buy purchase viagra Real Name: Nicolas-Patience Basabose (the person) or Bentley Lumumba (the writer) Online Name/ Twitter handle: Nicolas-Patience Basabose / @MrBasabose Where are you from/live? Originally from the DR Congo / […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Jepchumba aka Digital African

How I met this week’s AfriPOP! socialite is a testament to why we run this series. I’m not sure how I came across her but Jepchumba had literally just packed up her London life having completed her Masters’ degree in Digital Media, and was taking th buy generic viagra e next flight back to the US. We were looking for someone to give AfriPOP! a facelift and it turned out […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Mark Kaigwa

photo credit: Marius W. van Graan I'm not sure he is okay with it but I always refer to Mark Kaigwa as a total wunderkind whenever I talk to folks about him, which is often.  Still in his young twenties, Kaigwa has the art of communication down to a fine science. He has already amassed a respectable reputation consulting on social media for some of the biggest communications agencies and brands […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Uduak Oduok

The rise and rise of African fashion and urban music is being well documented. What we need to see more of though, is how the business of Africa's entertainment industry is changing with its growing economy. Enter Uduak Oduok. With her blog posts on African business law she brings necessary insight to the pandora's box that is African music legalities. For instance, read up on Davido and Skuki's legal scramble […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: JoziGoddess

There's never a dull moment on South African twitter. And when the reality of SA daily living comes tumbling out on timelines across the nation, sometimes to amuse, other times to anger, often to confound, it pays to have a voice of reason to refer to. Managing director of non-profit Youth Lab, columnist and blogger Zamandlovu Ndlovu is committed to the important work of dialogue. Not merely pandering to popular thought […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: TMS Ruge

Where to start with Teddy Ruge, better known as TMS Ruge on these inter-streets? In editing his interview, I thought he described himself best in one line: “Mostly, my online brand is well-known for not being afraid to pick up the microphone and represent for Africa in my own little way.” So…knowing when someone else has done a better explanation of self than I ever could, I'll leave it at […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Jackson Mvunganyi of Upfront Africa

Our AfriPOP!  socialite this week is Jackson M'vunganyi, who is the host of  “Upfront”, a radio show on Voice of America (VOA) that focuses on the youth trends in Africa. A late bloomer on twitter, he has been  using social media to also inform and interact with his non-radio audience. M'vuganyi first got into the radio broadcasting world after high school in his native Rwanda. While there he worked for […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Laura Seay

Laura Seay, better known as @Texasinafrica, has a twitter TL that any African politics and policy junkie would appreciate. An assistant professor of political science at Morehouse College in Atlanta, she has been blogging about the  DRC, state building,  humanitarian policy and security policy since 2005 on her blog Texas in Africa. She now occasionally writes for The Atlantic, Christian Science Monitor and Al Jazeera among others. Her wit with […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Tolu Ogunlesi

Tolu Ogunlesi appears on our list of ten Nigerian wordsmiths you should know. The man is a jack of all trades: journalist, poet, fiction writer…and twitter champ perhaps?! An award-winning Nigerian journalist (Arts and Culture Prize in the 2009 CNN Multichoice African Journalism Awards), Ogunlesi's writing has appeared in The Independent,,, Publishing Perspectives and His fiction and poetry have been published in The London Magazine, Wasafiri, Farafina, PEN Anthology of New Nigerian […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Saratu Abiola

When it comes to discussions of African politics online, Saratu Abiola is usually knee-deep in the social media arena of these conversations. Well-informed and au courant she is a refreshing voice of the “progressive” Africans in the twitterverse. A former journalist, this Nigerian firecracker or “grumpy old woman”, as she describes herself, is the politics editor for Nigerians Talk, an online bloggers community focusing on Nigeria. If you need a […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Farai Gundan

There are some African media moguls in the making, and Zimbabwean Farai Gundan happens to be one of them. She was on our list of 30 Zimbabweans you outta know so we’ve had our eye on her for a little while now. In her day job, she is a producer & TV personality on Afrotainment Television Channel & Afrotainment Music Channel in the U.S. where she has interviewed countless celebrities and […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Kinna Likimani

Heard of the Africa Reading Challenge? Running throughout the whole of 2012, the challenge, headed by Kinna Likimani of the literary blog Kinna Reads,  pushes participants to discover the joys of reading African Literature by reading five books from African authors. It is these types of challenges and all things African literature that have made her blog one of the go-to locations online for dialogue on African literature from the […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Karen Attiah

It’s always pleasant to get a mixture of smart and sass on twitter. Karen Attiah gives you a good dose of each if you happen to follow her. This caliente  Ghanaian-American easily transitions between discussing politics and women’s rights to pop culture and sports (with a hint of wit thrown in there). If she looks somewhat familiar, she had the opportunity to interview Alicia Keys for MTV base which aired […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Kojo Baffoe

Kojo Baffoe is a jack of all trades. Although most may know him from his role as editor of South African giant publication, Destiny Man he has been able to forge his own identity outside of the magazine. He has played many characters in his life including by his own words, ” father, husband, poet, writer, content producer, media consultant, dreamer”. Primarily working from his blog Evolutionary ( he has made […]


AfriPOP! Socialite: Semhar Araia

So remember when #whatILoveAboutAfrica became a worldwide trending topic earlier this week? Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you to the source of the phenomenon. Semhar Araia, a critical addition to the criticism of the #Kony2012 viral video, is a well-known voice on social issues on twitter. Meet Semhar, also the founder of  D.A.W.N – (Diaspora African Woman’s Network) a global network for African diaspora professional woman and this week’s AfriPOP! Socialite. Real […]