Women We Love Who Are Funny (And African)

So maybe Lorne Michaels does think women who aren’t named Tina Fey can be funny after all. The recent brouhaha about black American female comedians being asked to audition for spots on Saturday Night Live has pointed out the lack of diversity (and complacency in it) in the mainstream entertainment industry. But, on Youtube, women of all races have been thriving with not only clips of their stand-up comedy sets […]


AfriPOP! Selects: Boddhi Satva Runs Down 2013's 10 Hottest Afro House Tracks

2013 is the year that Afro house music started to make inroads in mainstream music across African territories. South Africa’s well established sound and scene were at the centre of this trend with its more commercial vocal outfits such as Mafikizolo, Liquideep and Micasa not only touring but also charting in several African countries – more than we’ve seen before. (Expect to see more collaborations between acts from different African […]


The 2013 African Literature Highlights

It’s been another exciting year for literature on the continent. Authors have continued to challenge the bounds of their creativity and prove that the generic term “African literature” is something of a misnomer. Here are some of our favorite moments of 2013: The ubiquity of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 2013 was easily Chimamanda’s most prolific yeah. Her novel Americanah, effectively a love story that explores the experience of living in America […]


21 Writers You Should Know

These are the women you need to read. This list of writers we feel you should get to know is by no what is viagra soft tabs means exhaustive, but is made up of authors we feel represent best the diversity of some cheap cialis online of the women of African descent who have taken up their pens and given us fresh perspectives. This time around, it’s woman-centred. The women […]


Ten African Descended Beauty Queens You Should Know

Miss Black France was recently crowned and it got me wondering – what was the point? Are we still at a point where we need to beg to be included in pageants that have been including representatives of black beauty for years now? What are side pageants such as Miss Black France offering that the bigger main competitions just aren’t? I’m of two minds about this. One is they might be […]


Five Defining 2011 Moments in the Rise of Afrobeats

Over the past eighteen months the UK urban music scene has seen the popularity of Afrobeats explode with pop music mostly from the West African region escaping its niche confines there to become the next big thing on mainstream radio and in clubs in England. These are just five moments from last year in no particular order that define the journey up until this point. 1. Azonto Craze Once a […]


Ten Rappers Who'd Make "YO! MTV Raps Africa"

MTV will show a special edition of the iconic Hip-hop show “Yo MTV Raps” next month. We re-imagined the concept with an All-African cast, and came up with this list of names. Which other MCs would you include?


10 Songs We Love About African Women

These are not just love songs. These are songs that say something about women, all of them by people of African descent. Pop the hood to check out the list and let us know what songs you would add to it.


30 South African Women Game Changers

AfriPOP! commemorates South African Women’s Day (August 9th) by highlighting 30 women who have changed the game in their respective sectors — from a new generation to the old, in politics, culture, music and business.


7 African Internet Sensations

Forget TV, forget radio. The internet is creating viral stars everyday. And some of them are African. We rounded up 7 cyber phenomena from the last year or so. Pop the hood to see who they are, and then tell us who or what else we should know of.


5 Things You Should Know Right Now

What are we talking about? Madiba’s new book, Spoek Mathambo’s new deal, Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s new film, and of course, Amber Rose. Cos who isn’t? Catch up under the hood!


5 Things You Should Know Right Now

Kanye West signs an African artist? Michelle Obama goes to South Africa? An African Batman? There’s so much to talk about…These are 5 things you really should know about right now. Pop the hood!


6 Influential Africans in Fashion

A fresh crop of African fashion designers, editors and are pushing the boundaries of African style. Whether it’s in the pages of Vogue or W Magazine, or designing for a French design house, here are a few Africans who are pushing the culture forward and determining what’s hot and what’s next…(click on the pic to see more)


7 African Animations You Should Know And Their Creators

Mark Kaigwa, recently back from curating the Africa Animation Film Forum at CinemAfrica in Stockholm, runs us through the new frontier in African story-telling. Here are some of the groundbreaking works of African animators and a shout out to the people behind them.


Africa Next: African Women Singers We Love

The African music scene is filled with legendary singers, from Miriam Makeba and Dorothy Masuka to Oumou Sangare and Angelique Kidjo. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we take a look at the next generation of African singers working their up to become legends…