Worlds Collide In Lebogang Rasethaba's Pantsula Orchestra Music Video For Sons Of Kemet

“Pantsula and Jazz aren’t things that people were ever meant to see together; they both have rich histories with very different cultural and aesthetic values, but framing ideas within a different context can give them new life,” proposes director Lebogang Rasethaba who is also behind the branded film Stay True South Africa. In the Castle of My Skin, a new music video for award-winning UK Jazz band Sons of Kemet is Rasethaba’s […]



Now Watching: Just A Band's 'Winning In Life' Featuring Owuor Arunga

Just A Band makes a triumphant return with fellow Kenyan-born now US-based trumpeter Owuor Arunga (Macklemore, The Physics, Black Stax) on the assist with a sublime serving of horns. The forth-coming album from everyone’s favorite nerd collective is untitled but it’s at least round the corner. We are thankful.



Now Watching: 'Mashayabhuqe KaMamba's 'Shandarabaa, Ekhelemendeh' Featuring Okmalumkoolkat

It’s a full year since it dropped but Shandarabaa knocks hard as ever. An equally excellent video now accompanies the song which, featuring Okmalumkoolkat, officially launched Mashayabhuqe KaMamba’s Digital Maskandi as a bonafide genre.



Now Watching: Burna Boy's Homecoming-Themed Video 'Follow Me'

In which Burna returns to his Port-Harcourt hometown and throws a street party, as one does. And the song suits the occasion right down to the ground.


Now Listening: Alec Lomami's 'Quelque Mots Suffisent' and 'Ma Revolution'

As the title suggests, just a few words are enough to introduce Quelque Mots Suffisent from Cape Town-based Congolese rapper/producer Alec Lomami. The song is from his EP of the same name (Quelques Mots Suffisent EP), which was  released via Immaculate Taste - a label he took time off from music to create. The song is a tad short but then again a few minutes is all you need. Ma Revolution sees Christian Tiger School […]


Get to Know: Kenyan Afro-Folk Singer Naomi Wachira

Sounds like: If you had to place Naomi Wachira in a genre, folk would be it. To be more precise, tack on a tentative ‘ish’—folkish. Sometimes her sound comes across as too soulful to be strictly a folk singer. And it’s no wonder as she often cites Miriam Makeba as her key inspiration. In a recent interview she explained why saying, “I think, one, who she (Makeba) was as a […]



Now Watching: Kwabs' New Video 'My Own'

Javier Alejandro, director of videos for Krept & Konan and Modestep, is behind the monochromatic video which dropped just a couple of days before Kwabs’ long awaited solo album Love+War finally did. Have a read of the profile I did with Kwabs over at True Africa.  


Get To Know: PAULi - Drummer Extraordinaire And Rising Solo Star

Sounds like: I Don’t Care starts like it’s going in a darker dub direction, played up by the live beating heart PAULi offers on a plate at the beginning of the video. But then it bursts into chorus with unexpectedly euphoric-sounding keys and bleeps, while he mouths impassioned nonchalance in that sing-talky style reminiscent of fellow Brit Bipolar Sunshine. The low-down: It feels like I turned my back for all of 5 […]



Now Watching: Stromae's New Video 'Quand C'est'

Pushing the visual envelope as always Stromae’s latest is morbid and brilliant as he confronts the voiceless and devastating reach of cancer.



Now Watching: Baloji's New Video "Capture" With Petite Noir and Muanza

It feels like forever since Baloji was last active. That time away was well spent going by this breathtaking piece of cinema he directed for his new single Capture, featuring Petite Noir and Muanza. The Congolese rapper describes his vision and storyline to Nowness, who debuted the video this week.



Now Watching: Runtown's New Video "Bend Down Pause" Featuring Wizkid and Major Lazer's Walshy Fire

I can’t confirm for sure whether this is the first ever Nigerian/Jamaican collaboration as Major Lazer’s one half Walshy Fire claims in the intro but one would think on such a momentous occasion these three would have chosen a location in Naija or Ja for this video. As opposed to Malibu? Or nah? Faya jam still.


Now Listening: Sipho the Gift's "The Boy I Used to Be" featuring Well$

Kimberly-bred South African rapper Sipho the Gift addresses his younger self about his life choices so far. Immaculate Taste’s star MC Well$ jumps on the introspective track,  one of the twelve bound for Sipho’s forth-coming debut album Coming of Age on which both him and Alec Lomami share co-executive production duties.


Now Listening: Boddhi Satva's 'Skin Diver' Featuring Teedra Moses

Two of my fave faves on a track that is every bit as good and as sexy as you imagine it would be. This is the Ancestral mix of the collaboration with Teedra Moses on Boddhi Satva’s album Transitions due out September 18th. (It also appears on Teedra’s brand new album Cognac & Conversation) Other contributors on Boddhi’s album include Kaysha, Dudley Perkins, Mohamed Diaby, Pebbles, Karun, Davido and Omar. Production […]


Now Watching: Música(s), A New Music Web Series on Female Musicians in Spain

New York-based filmmaker Paige Polk just launched Música(s), a music series which follows the music, the life and the work of underground female musicians from a variety of backgrounds, genres and cultures living in Spain. Watch the debut episode featuring Barcelona-bred artist Marga Mbande who is of Equatorial Guinean heritage. You also get a good sense of Barcelona as an international hub for music, fashion and culture which you won’t ordinarily see in guidebooks. […]



Now Watching: Kwabs' Acoustic Video Recording For 'Look Over Your Shoulder'

Following Fight for Love, Kwabs brings the focus back to his distinct soulful brooding baritone on this recording of Look Over Your Shoulder, stripped of producer SOHN’s foreboding strings and synths, and which can be found on the version made for the album Love+War, headed for release on September 11. A little extra in case you missed it, watch Willing and Able too, the outstanding deep housey number by producer duo Disclosure premiered at the […]