A Blog We Love: Dynamic Africa

(Photo taken from Dynamic Africa’s twitter page) Formerly, “This is Africa/fyeahAfrica” this Tumblr is one buy levitra of my favourite go-to sites for the gist of mostly popular culture on the continent and in the diaspora. I love it for being consistent and almost up to the minute in aggregating news in music, film, fashion, social development as well as cool nostalgic visuals, all Africa-related. You will too once you […]


A Blog We Love: Adventures From The Bedrooms Of African Women

(photo credit: Bob Pixel) If you believed the internet you’d be led to think the sexuality of African women is a non-thing (just google those terms and see what comes up). Head over to any given comments’ section on Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women and you’ll quickly realise that’s just not true. This is a first for our “blog we love” series – pharmacie en ligne andorre a […]


A Blog We Love: Biko Zulu

(photo credit: biko zulu) I got put on to Kenyan lifestyle writer and blogger Jackson Biko’s musings by Binyavanga Wainaina’s twitter feed. By the way if you’re not up on Kenyan twitter you’re probably not doing social media right – these lot are a riot! The post he linked me to is particularly timely as Kenya gets ready to go to the polls. It also reminded me of a sobering statement […]


A Blog We Love: Skattie What Are You Wearing?

(photo credit: Skattie What Are You Wearing?) Often I just don’t get fashion. I mean, don’t get me wrong I know how to throw an outfit together and I clean up pretty good for the cameras. cialis online But there are times when the looks that emerge from runways and some people’s closets leave me somewhere between mystified and amused. Skattie What Are You Wearing? buy antivirus software is a […]


A Blog We Love: Street Etiquette

(Photo credit: Street Etiquette ©) On Twitter today someone asked 'where have all the fine black men gone'? I found them! You might have heard of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. Their urban style blog Street Etiquette has been featured in GQ, Complex, the Guardian UK and the London Times. And just yesterday, The Root name checked them on their Best Black Bloggers of 2012 list. buy research paper I'm especially sold the […]


A Blog We Love: Black Acrylic

Black Acrylic is a delightfully personal Pan-Africanist mix of commentary on art, style, socio-politics, music and other things. A post (from which the above image comes) on reclaiming the cult of beauty had me with this: “Eager for anything that diverts from the script we gluttonously praise tokenism (e.g Tika Sumpter on Gossip Girl) and fetishism Guide Dugi – Guides Pour World Of Warcraft (e.g Vogue Italia Black Issue). Deep […]


A Blog We Love: The 4Aces Date

Cookie, Abby, Oz and Kaven live in the fabulous lane. They are the 4 Aces spread out between Lagos, DC, and New York making us wonder how we can make our lives this colourful and this care-free. These girls look good everywhere they go and they’re not the only ones who know it. So do the folk at Essence, Vogue Italia, Fashion Bomb and others who have featured their fierce […]


A Blog We Love: Fly

(photo credit: http://www.flygirlblog.com/) This post is long overdue. I came up on this blog a couple years back via one of its Fly Girl Of The Week posts where readers – girls who are inherently fly – send in pictures and some text about themselves. I liked this round-the-way approach to sharing inspiration. It’s one of the things that keep me coming back. Author Andrea Pippins, such a consistent curator […]


A Site We Love: Buni TV

I’m cheating. This spot is usually for blogs technically. But Buni TV, a web and mobile video channel, is too good and long overdue an idea to pass up. It’s an aggregation of innovative content you’re more likely to find off the beaten path of mainstream entertainment. It doesn’t say anything about curating just content from Africa, and it is brand new but so far that’s where the content appears […]


A Blog We Love: Scarlett Lion

Photo ©Glenna Gordon. Check out more from her Staten Island project I guess I’ve become one of those people. Internet sentimentalists. We miss things from 8 months ago like it was 1966. The African blogosphere felt so much more like our own special neighbourhood less than two years ago. I remember Scarlett Lion being one of the first blogs I was introduced to as part of this community I was […]


A Blog We Love: SheBreathes

Photo ©Shebreathes.com SheBreathes.com bills itself as a virtual vault of goodies where independent, emerging, and established designers can be shared and supported. They had us at “independent”. We’re all about DIY good looks having premiered our ‘What I Wore’ series this week, a feature we’d like to use to showcase the fascinating personal styles of people we come across. Also browse through their Sales Vault. I’m yet to find anything within my […]


A Blog We Love: Yoruba Girl Dancing

(photo credit: from Yoruba Girl Dancing) Hopefully you’re familiar with one of our most popular set of posts, The ’10 Nigerians….’ series. If you are, then you’ll know this isn’t the first time we’ve sung the praises of journalist and writer Bim Adewunmi. We listed her as one of 10 Nigerian wordsmiths you should know. The other day I had a browse through her blog Yoruba Girl Dancing and in […]


A Blog We Love: Out and About Africa

Out and About Africa is where we go for inspiration on style, fashion, interior decor, photography and travel. It’s a real feast for the eyes!