PHOTOS: After Afropolitan Exhibition + Conference in Brooklyn, NY

What a blast we had at the After Afropolitan Exhibition + Conference this past Saturday, February 21. Co-created by afriPOP, The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI), Weeksville Heritage Center, artists Daapo Reo and Aisha Bell-Caldwell, the day featured speakers included Taiye Selasi, Binyavanga Wainaina, Sean Jacobs of Africa Is a Country, Wunmi, Minna Salami (Ms. Afropolitan), Gbenga Akinnagbe, and many more. Whew, what a beautiful afternoon (and evening) […]


Ankara Press Publishes Valentine’s Day Anthology

Romance fiction publisher Ankara Press plans to treat readers with a free-to-download anthology of love/romance stories on Valentine’s Day. It is called the Valentine’s Day Anthology and Ankara have collected the works of 7 contemporary African authors for this distinctive collection, including founding editor of the Kwani? Trust Binyavanga Wainaina, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Chuma Nwokolo, and Toni Kan. According to Ankara’s blog, they wanted to celebrate the day of love by showcasing the […]


African-Americans "have it good," Compared to Africans -­ Akon tells Al Jazeera

If relations between Africans and African-Americans can be described as tense at times, some of Akon’s views as told in his recent Al Jazeera might not help matters. In this Saturday’s episode of Talk To Al Jazeera, the five-time Grammy nominee tells Folly Bah Thibault that African-Americans should acknowledge “the rights… and the blessing they do, you know, have actual access to.” Elsewhere, he asks why dissatisfied African-Americans don’t “just go back […]


Princess Zahara, art by John Agbaje

Watch: Trailer for Animated African Fantasy Series, "The Spider Stories"

Sometime in early 2013, we stumbled upon a Kickstarter by brothers John and Charles Agbaje of Elite Studios. Through their blog the Central City Tower, the duo sought funding for an 11-minute pilot for their animated high fantasy adventure series The Spider Stories. The Spider Stories follows the story Princess Zahara, who was forced into hiding after her kingdom was invaded by the Hawks, a ruthless, corrupt kingdom with whom […]


Denying Racism in Cape Town Is About Lack of Empathy

I was on radio the other day, trying to explain to Shado Twala, well-known radio and television personality here in South Africa, how racism personally affects me. I had this great chance to finally tell a wider audience what it feels like to live in a city that denies you so much because you’re black. But I focused too much on how I’d been getting hostile looks from strangers, and […]



WATCH: 'Poverty, Inc' Shows How Aide is Big Business in Africa

We’ve been discussing this issue of aide to Africa since way back (See: TOM’s Shoes to the Rescue?). Now comes a documentary tackling the same issues progressive Africans have been debating for years and years: does aide really help or hamper the countries it serves? Poverty, Inc investigates how the West has given rise to a vast multi-billion dollar poverty aide industry. “Yet the results have been mixed, in some […]


Why Plan a Wedding When There's No Groom?

So I keep seeing women planning their weddings. That’s normal, it’s wedding season in South Africa. But what I don’t get is those ones who have planned their wedding down to the last bit of minutiae – when they are not engaged, or even have a significant other in their lives. Confession – I’ve been guilty of something similar as well, in the past. Especially when it comes to music. […]


The African Abroad: 14 Songs That Rocked 2014

The African Abroad is a column featuring the random musings of AfriPOP! founding editor Yolanda Sangweni. 2014 was the year that kept on giving, musically speaking. From Those of whose love affair doesn’t only involve African music got even more high the minute D’Angelo dropped a surprise album mid-December, and Mary J. Blige dropped a stellar album (this, for me, hasn’t happened in a long time). Here are 14 musical […]


MTV Base Round Table Asks 'Who Are South Africa’s Hottest MCs of 2014?'

As we watch the last few sunsets of 2014 disappear over the horizon, MTV Base has (bravely) undertaken the task of putting together a panel to determine who South Africa’s Hottest MCs of the year are. The channel invited some of South Africa’s music industry colossi to join a roundtable discussion on November 14th at The Sheds in Johannesburg to draw up list of the 10 top emcees in South […]


Futuristic Comic Book Series Outcasts of Jupiter Now on Tapastic

A few months ago the Coker CoOp – a partnership between Nigerian born siblings Shofela, Shobo and Funlola Coker that produces “original indie comics, statues, jewellery, indie games and more” – began this incredibly successful Kickstarter to produce the first issue of their comic series Outcasts of Jupiter. The Cokers gained so much public support that they surpassed their Kickstarter goal by nearly $4,600 and although, it ended months ago, […]


Blaming Kelly Khumalo Won’t Bring Back Senzo Meyiwa

South African football player Senzo Meyiwa is dead and no amount of blame will bring him back. In deaths unrelated to violent crime, Olympic silver medalist Mbulaeni Mulaudzi also died in an accident, and the boxer Phindile Mwelase died last week from match-related injuries, which sent her into a coma. In the aftermath of what must surely be one of the most devastating and tragic weekends to have hit the […]


Watch: First Episode of 'I Of Africa', Season 2 by Aina Fadina

I Of Africa – the brainchild of New York-based model Aina Fadina – has returned for a second season. The web-series features interviews with “Africans and friends of Africa, performing progressive work around the world, be it in art, fashion, music or business”. Fadina, as the creator and host of the series, explains that through it she intends to celebrate “individuals who are inspired by the African continent”. Older episodes […]


Live in Brooklyn: Tumi Molekane, Toni Blackman and Chen Lo Talk Hip Hop Across Borders

afriPOP! Presents… South African emcee/poet Tumi Molekane sits down for a conversation about hip hop across borders with American emcees Toni Blackman and Chen Lo, this Sunday in Brooklyn. The conversation/panel will be followed by a performance by Tumi Molekane, and a cipher. Cocktails by Nucomme’s Witches Brew Learn more about… Tumi Molekane Toni Blackman Chen Lo RSVP here.


9 Artists You've Got To See At Carnegie Hall's Ubuntu Festival in NYC

The South Africans are coming! The South Africans are coming! Much to our delight, Carnegie Hall is celebrating the 20th anniversary of South African democracy with a month-long series of performances, panels, and art shows. The Ubuntu Festival, which runs October 8- November 5, is like Christmas for any African music lover. On the music front, the best part is that the festival merges the young (Toya DeLazy, The Soil) […]



The 'My Africa Is...' Docu-Series Highlights Youth Culture in Dakar, Senegal

The last time we spoke with the team behind the My Africa Is series, they had traveled to Lagos, Nigeria where they highlighted some amazing recycling initiatives. Nosarieme Garrick and Kathleen Bomani created the series with idea of wanting to show a different side of the African continent. “We won’t be showing the minority of the African elite popping champagne in the clubs,” Nosa told us. “We will be showing […]