Photos: 5 Hours with SA Rapper Khuli Chana in New York City

afriPOP! caught up with South African rapper Khuli Chana during his recent visit to New York City. The charming rapper, born Khulane Morule, had just won Best Male Southern Africa 2014 at the African Musik Awards in Texas. When we met up with him, Khuli was just excited to be back in New York as a student of hip-hop, open to learning whatever NYC had to offer. Here’s a day […]


Ladysmith Black Mambazo Forays into Ballet?

After an extraordinary performance at the MTV MAMAs earlier this year and an interesting collaboration with Mi Casa, Ladysmith Black Mambazo makes yet another unexpected move. The acapella super group will be touring Inala – A Zulu Ballet. The choir, who are known for their expressive, lively choreography, will sync their movements with those of 11 classical and contemporary dancers which The Guardian describes as “a wide spectrum of twisting, […]


The African Abroad: On Ebola, Lala Anthony and Social Media Ignorance

The African Abroad is a column featuring the random musings of AfriPOP! editor Yolanda Sangweni. So we’re in 2014—Everyone has Google. Everyone has a TV to watch the local (or international news). And yet, here we are, with the Ebola virus sending Americans into an apocalyptic frenzy because, according to “the Innanet,” Africans, or anyone traveling from Africa, is bringing Ebola into the “first world.” Just read Guardian Nigerian writer […]


The African Abroad: Do We Know How to Protest with Results Anymore?

The African Abroad is a new column featuring the random musings of AfriPOP! editor Yolanda Sangweni. It’s been three months since Boko Haram kidnapped over 300 girls from the Nigerian town of Chibok. Days after it happened, many of us took to our social media feeds to protest and raise awareness. We’ve tweeted about it, signed petitions about it—some of us have even attended protest rallies around the world. But […]



Bongani Madondo on Editing Brenda Fassie Biography (Video)

The ever-vigilant staff over at Africa is a Country released a video where writer and editor Bongani Madondo explains the philosophy and the inspirations of the book he edited about pop icon Brenda Fassie. About a month ago Bongani Madondo released one of the most significant works in African literature – I’m Not Your Weekend Special: Portraits on the Life+Style & Politics of Brenda Fassie. The book approaches the story […]


The African Abroad: On Learning to Love Our Gap Teeth

The African Abroad is a new column featuring the random musings of AfriPOP! editor Yolanda Sangweni. I’ve always loved the gap in my teeth. It’s a like a coma, a pause, in my smile. My teeth are crooked—something I didn’t have much of a problem with until I came to America—the land of straight teeth—in 1987. I’ll never forget going to elementary school in Harlem and wondering why so many […]



Meet the Fest Gurus, Watch Them Interview Sauti Sol, The Very Best

The Fest Gurus have been working especially hard to bring us highlights from Africa’s best festivals. After releasing the first instalment of their adventures at the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi where they spoke to rapper Tumi and The Fly 5 among others, they released part two of that episode this week. Mazuba Kapambwe, the Fest Gurus’ social media consultant and guest guru Reverb 7, a producer and a […]



Filmmaker Tries to Unmask Legendary Tunisian Butt Slasher

It is the summer of 2003 in Tunis, a mysterious and possibly crazed man zips through the streets of the Tunisian capital on his motorcycle, slashing the buttocks of women he feels are dressed inappropriately. He uses a razor blade. Branded Le Challat, the perpetrator is never caught but rumours suggest that he was held in a Tunisian jail for eight years. Challat is a popular Tunisian expression for blade, […]



Watch Idris Elba's Directorial Debut, 'Beats of the Beautiful Game'

Long Walk To Freedom star Idris Elba directed a short film for the Beats of the Beautiful Game visual album curated by Pepsi in the run-up to the 2014 soccer World Cup. The 70s-themed short tells the story of an ugly duckling who transforms into a dexterous swan. An unassuming geek is teased incessantly by his peers but ends up wowing his entire school with his soccer skills, including the […]


We're Watching: 'Chin Up' Web Series

Chin Up! highlights the hilarious perils of a struggling actress in the industry is now a web series After her sister encouraged her to start a blog about her experiences as an actress, Lara Lipschitz – a Johannesburg-based actress – “soon realized it was great material for a video blog or web series or even TV series”. Thus, she began uploading webisodes of her mockumentary style series, Chin Up! which […]


South African Singer Simphiwe Dana on the Africa Re-imagination Creative Hub.

This week South African singer Simphiwe Dana is spearheading the Africa Re-imagination Creative Hub at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as part of the organization’s “Agenda 2063” edict to envision what Africa will be in 50 years. This week, Dana has invited artists and creatives from all over the continent and diaspora to answer the question, “What will African culture and heritage be in 50 years?‘ Artists […]


Shaka Sisulu Talks Elections, What It Means to Be Young in South Africa Right Now

On the eve of the fifth democratic elections in South Africa, to be held on Wednesday May 7th, nothing is assured. With the ANC still expected to take the polls at a staggering 60% of the vote despite high unemployment, President Jacob Zuma’s personal scandals, and the ruling party embroiled in protests due to lack of service delivery, the historic liberation organization that was always Tata Nelson Mandela’s home has […]


Photo Essay: What 20 Years of Democracy Means to Everyday South Africans

Twenty years ago, on April 27, 1994, millions of South Africans voted in the country’s first all-race elections. It was a momentous day, when the country’s majority blacks, and other peoples of color, voted for the first time. This week, as we celebrate, we wanted to know what 20 years of democracy has meant for everyday South Africans. Photographer Thina Zibi took to the streets of Johannesburg to find out […]



Hilarious! Watch Reporters Mispronounce Lupita Nyong'o's Name

We get it, Lupita Nyong’o’s name is not the easiest name to pronounce if you’re not from our neck of the woods. This hilarious mash-up of American reporters getting her name wrong just made our day. Most were reporting on Lupita being named the “Most Beautiful” by PEOPLE Magazine. Thanks Jimmy Kimmel!


Jo'Burg Event: Hip-Hop Goes Back To The City

Seventeen thousand and counting – the Back To The City Festival is set to grow its numbers all for the love Give such–my closer to fumes concerned from day sildenafil citrate pay with mastercard complaints. Hair Clarisonic typical overnight brand viagra LOVE. S6600 white Cold I. Read charge buy erythromycin online no prescription products is. Dark buspar buy also is shampoos their canadian cilais on line and. Etc […]