Ezi Emela: The Case of an Underrated Artist

This British-Nigerian singer isn’t getting as much love as she should be and I am confused as to why that is. You need to go harder #TeamEziEmela she should be known way more. Born in Manchester, the model turned singer has been in the game for a few years now. A few of her tracks are absolute bops. Please fam confam if you agree.

Watch the video for “Confam It”

Watch the video for “No Lele”

“Confam It” should have been more of a hit, and we should have heard so much about her back then. I guess 2014 was somebody else’s year (we all know who 😉). Also, if someone wants to send me that plane ring she’s wearing in that video…

This year “Chineke Meh” was a re-introduction to Ezi Emela (if you’d already been listening). She’s sexy and smooth, and the R&B track also has that undeniable Afrobeats sound that makes you want to listen again and again. I am not sure what’s been going on, but I think Ezi Emela is underrated. That voice, that face, those beats. Surely it’s Ezi’s time.

Watch the “Chineke Meh” video.



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