VIDEO: Is Daliso Chaponda Malawi’s Funniest Man?

It’s a silly question I’m asking because Malawians are comedians by nature, so this would be hard to find out. Daliso Chaponda, who appeared on a recent auditions episode of Britain’s Got Talent, is now our man in the UK when it comes to Malawian comedians. He’s been considered one of the top ten comedians on the continent (according to one list)

Chaponda, 37, is the son of Malawi’s former Agriculture Minister, and has lived in the UK for the past ten years. He ably represented Malawi with his brand of comedy and the crowd loved him. Amanda Holden, one of the judges, sent him to the next round by pressing the Golden Buzzer, which entitles him to go straight to the live show. All the judges seemed quite smitten by him, let’s hope he continues to do amazingly well.

Watch his appearance on the show:






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