Needed by Olawumi artwork by Rob Regis

Now Listening: Olawumi Is Raw and Honest in New Song “Needed”

The voice New Jersey singer Olawumi is known for seems to break slightly in her latest single “Needed”. The Boathouse-produced song is the kind of raw emotion only love lost or love misunderstood can appreciate, and this is clear when Olawumi’s vocals scrape over a hurting heart, about her own past hurt. The love has reached its end, and there is only pain. This is the formula she’s employed on all her recent music, and it works.

“This song represents where love can really take you if it’s real enough. Like most of my music, it’s centered around a failed love interest, but unlike any of my other songs, I was actively in a relationship and in the midst of one of the most intense declines I had ever been in. This song is literally a snippet in time – it plays out the actual moment in which I realize that things with the love of my life actually might not work. A letter to him written in advance; a feeling of despair and hopelessness,” she has said of the song. “That moment of fragility when you know you have to brace yourself for the pain that lies ahead. It was a lot. Recording this record was a lot. It took a lot out of me…and I cried on many takes because only he knows everything I said to him, and did for him.”

Listen to “Needed”:




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