Enter the Aeth3r Wraps Botswana Alt-Rock with ‘Blood and Light’

For those who got tired of the sameness of rock, or even the under-representation of black and African faces in the genre, here’s Enter the Aether to make sure unforgettable lyrics that he raps with a soulful dexterity and youthful angst (so hard to achieve) make you sit up and notice. Alt-rock just got more alternative, and more intelligent.

Enter the Aether hails from Gaborone, Botswana and is as versatile a musician as you’re ever going to find – a filmmaker, writer, rapper and guitarist wrapped in one person.

Is he serious with lyrics like this:

If you make another armistice with racists
By God ima crush you like the Maker


I’m a simple man with a grand plan
Don’t give a damn but I rap like a damn savage


From the seraphim of meta-physicality
I’m better than I was before I met her

Get hip to Blood and Light, produced by Monexus.



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