I love this neckpiece from CapetoJozi it has its own queening personality

The Cool Attitude of Hair and Cycling Enthusiast Nikiwe Dlova

My name is Nikiwe Dlova, I’m 28 and I’m from Soweto. I’m currently an Assistant Buyer for Ladies Footwear for one of the biggest retailers & I also have a blog about hair street culture its called ownurcrown – it’s all about embracing your individuality through your hair. I love fashion, music, art, food, reading, travelling, sneakers & I love expressing myself through my crown (hair).

My new hobby is cycling, I’ve been cycling a lot lately and I’m loving it, its my way of relaxing. It also challenges me, its like you’re discovering life/yourself all over again while toning your body :)


For me cycling has been more than just cycling. Besides riding with cool peeps it has taught me to look at life differently, for example when you’re approaching a steep hill you have a choice to complain and moan or prepare your mind to take on the challenge and do it. So with those two choices the outcome are going to be different, and if you challenge your mind to think positively and with a ‘I can do it’ attitude it makes things so much easier. So I decided to approach problems like that and just keep going.

My style is interestingly simple, my hair is crazy cool most of the time so I don’t over do it on the clothes side (I think). I’m one of those people that grab clothes in the morning, and just go. I don’t sit and plan my outfit unless it’s for a shoot and I want a certain look.

My links:
Facebook: Nix Dlova


Facebook: Own UR crown




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