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Five Songs You Probably Slept On But Must Hear Now!

If you rely on the African blogosphere to put you on to new music you can often miss out on stuff which isn’t Nigerian aggressively commercial or doesn’t fit comfortably in the confines of what makes African music or is music African or whatever. I did a rummage on the net and in my inbox and uncovered these gems which, I think you’ll agree, absolutely deserve your attention.

Daudi Matsiko is brutally honest with his dark and uncomfortable truths (consider his most recent EP titles: A Brief Introduction To Failure and The Lingering Effects Of Disconnection). The gentle delivery in his voice reassures you that it will all be ok eventually.


This one is especially for Central and East African 80s babies. Nguashi N’timbo and Orchestre Festival du Zaire first recorded the wildly popular song in 1981. Jim Chuchu updates it with his signature ethereal arrangement.


Smooth, breezy and very much of another time, Raiza Biza recorded this as part of Red Bull Studio, Auckland’s Sound Select platform.


A supergroup on a mission to broaden Naija’s modern musical landscape. Peep AFRIPOP! faves Show Dem Camp’s contribution to the cause. It’s a change we can believe in.


Awesome foursome Hugh (pictured above) make electronic R&B but not that wispy “alt” stuff that’s trendy but leaves you wondering where the rest of it is. This is full-bodied, London-gritty, well thought-out (and executed) music you can sink your teeth into. They’ve been at it for at least three years but you can start here and work your way backwards and then forwards.


Here’s a bonus track because they’re that good.



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