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Shakii is a 22 year old writer, director, playwright and poet from London who left a relatively “stable” career in the finance and banking sectors to become a writer. After mustering the courage to leave a lucrative position in New York he returned to London to use his work to inspire his generation.

“Upon abandoning my corporate identity, I did a lot of reading on Black history and was absolutely astonished at what I found. Firstly, I was shocked at the fact that at the age of 22, this was the very first time that I was learning about all these amazing things that Black people had achieved. And secondly, the more and more I read about past greats of my skin colour, the more empowered and confident I felt about myself.”

Watch him recite his debut poem NOTHING. The piece was inspired by his discovery of his identity as a black person and the questions that arose from his introspection. Follow him on Twitter or Soundcloud.



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