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Get to Know: Lady Jay, A Feisty New Voice Outta Ghana


Somewhere between the irony of M.I.A (“I feel nothing while getting a tattoo / I am badder than Erykah Badu”) and the high school braggadocio of Gwen Stefani a la Holla Back Girl but with pidgen slang. Trap has become the favourite variable to add to whatever native sub genres prevail in Africa. In this case Azonto, which producer Kuvie (one to watch closely btw) creates a “Trapzonto” hybrid with which he relaunches his muse.


This catchy single promises something of a second wind for the Tema-born twenty something singer who returned from long stints in the UK and the US to try and jump start a career in her birth country with mixed results.


Sarkodie’s 16, which sounds like it could have been from any from his unending laundry list of features, seems redundant. The star here is that spunky and fresh new voice combined with Kuvie’s stellar work on the boards.


Get a load of the Azonto’s funnest reincarnation yet.




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