For the past few years, former Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been busy behind the scenes of his Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme, grooming a new generation of African leaders from across the continent.

We'll get to meet five from the class of 2012 in a new Al Jazeera English series called Tutu’s Children (airing this Friday). The four-episode series will show the archbishop “pass the baton of moral leadership” to five multiracial Africans, like 30-year-old Rwandese publishing entrepreneur, Lydie Hakizimana (pictured), who through her company, helps spread English literacy in schools by representing UK publisher Pearson in Rwanda. Hakizimana is a genocide survivor who returned to her native country with a mission to make a change. She wants viagra super active generic

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the next generation to imagine a happier story – not easy when painful memories of the genocide are still very raw.

“The travails of our fantastic onscreen characters will entertain and

will also give our viewers a strong glimpse into the big issues affecting Africa,” says Al Jazeera director of programs Paul Eedle.

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