Kwaku Ananse

For generations Africans have passed on our history, wisdom and wit through fables and tales. And now a new generation of storytellers is bringing those stories to the rest of the world. Ghanaian-American filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu has breathed new life into traditional fables to Buying viagra in spain create a uniquely African story in the short film ‘Kwaku Ananse’, a retelling of a Ghanaian fable about wisdom.

Ghanaian-American filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu

The film follows Nyan Koronhwea as she arrives in a Ghanaian village to attend the funeral of her estranged father. Nyan struggles to accept her

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father’s family or even mourn his death because she knows he lived a double life – having families in both Ghana and the United States.

With her emotions in turmoil, Nyan retreats to the spirit world where she confronts her father.

As our main character grapples with grief and forgiveness, the audience is compelled to examine their own relationships.

Owusu describes the film as “an intensely personal project” that is “a reflection of a broader truth cheap cialis online about the human condition,” and “an effort to preserve a fable my late father passed on to me.” Owusu’s previous short films Drexciya and Me Broni Ba, meaning My White Baby, won multiple awards and were shown at the MoMa, the Rotterdam Film Festival as well as the Chicago Underground Film Festival, where it won Best Short Film. This time Owusu teamed up with the executive producer of the award winning ‘Precious’, Lisa Cortes.

Actress Jojo Abot as Nyan Koronhwea

Actress Jojo Abot as Nyan Koronhwea

‘Kwake Ananse’ stars actress and singer Jojo Abot as Nyan and legendary

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palmwine musician Koo Nimo as Kwaku Ananse.

‘Kwake Ananse’ makes it’s international debut at the 63rd Berlin Film Festival in Germany next month, where it is competing for the Golden Bear Prize for Best Short Film.

Watch the trailer below.




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  3. February 2, 2013  5:44 pm by Muse Origins

    Hope this film wins. It sounds so interesting

  4. January 29, 2013  8:24 am by Emmanuel

    Congrats. Nice piece

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