The low-down: Remember K’Naan’s song The African Way from The Dusty Philosopher? Yeah, that’s him featured on it, but at the time was called Mwafrika. Nowadays he goes by Mwafreeka – emphasis on “free”. So this is a sort of re-introduction to a rapper who made a name for himself as one of Africa’s most prominent battle rappers but also dabbles in radio and television.

Says Mwaf, “My dad was an alcoholic, he drank anything and everything. As a young buy azithromycin kid, I could not understand

that he was just human and had made a wrong turn in life so I had so much anger in my heart and even nearly dropped out of school. Years later, when I look back I think my dad made me a better man and I respect him for that. As an artist also, I feel like
I need

to point out that coming from a poor background is nothing to be ashamed of. Kenya is a third world country so most of us will, come from poverty. Life is a journey not a destination so learn from your journey.”

The take-away: The new single Stronga features Afro-Soul singer Dela from Flag 42 Records gives you a journey through the pain of Mwafreeka’s childhood. Check it out below.


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  1. May 28, 2013  4:53 am by David

    You remain On Top! Inspiring

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